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Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills released the following statement on Wednesday’s events in Washington, DC:

“This is a heartbreaking day for our whole country. Violent extremists, spurred onward by President Trump and his enablers, have attacked our sacred democracy and our Congress. We know this is not who we are, and we cannot allow this repugnant behavior to continue to infect our politics.

I am grateful that our Pennsylvania delegation and their staffs are safe and continue to do the people's work. We have a great deal of work to do in the years ahead to restore our commitment to the truth, goodwill, and spirited but civil debate. Thankfully, we can look forward to the leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as we seek to restore the soul of our nation. We will not be deterred.


 Nancy Patton Mills , Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party"
From the Pennsylvania Democratic Party on the events in the State Legislature at the beginning of the new session:

There is a straight line from Pennsylvania Republicans' behavior in the halls of Harrisburg to the insurrectionist violence that shamed our nation this week.

For months, Harrisburg Republicans have echoed dangerous lies about mail-in voting—a process they, themselves, voted for just last year. They've held sham hearings, joined outrageous lawsuits to disenfranchise millions, and supported Trump's calls to throw out their own constituents' votes.

On Tuesday, they escalated again. Mere hours before a mob wrecked our nation's Capitol, Republicans shamed our commonwealth's capitol by refusing to seat a duly elected Democrat, citing the same unproven voter fraud Trump used to spur violence.

That a handful of PA Republicans "disavowed" the political violence they spent months stoking is not enough. Immediate, corrective action is needed to restore faith in our electoral system.

The fact is: There's a dangerous anti-democratic streak among Pennsylvania Republican leaders. Today, we call on them to make amends and begin rebuilding the public's faith in our elections.

First, the PA Senate should immediately swear in Senator Jim Brewster, the certified winner in Senate District 45.
Additionally, we ask that GOP leadership once again condemn violence, and we call on Senator Jake Corman to investigate his caucuses' role in the attack, especially the presence of Doug Mastriano.

Finally, we call on Pennsylvania's Republican leadership to state jointly and unequivocally that President-Elect Joe Biden won our state.

None of these actions will fully correct the damage, paranoia, and division their actions have caused, but they'll mark good first steps in the long road towards restoring faith in democracy.
Please call your Republican officials and ask that they take these steps towards restoring our democracy.

Thank you,
Jason Henry
Executive Director
PA Democratic Party



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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2021



Thank You to everyone who volunteered for this election. We need people to greet and watch at the polls every election. Same for those who canvass, phone and text voters. Please get involved with your local county Democratic Party to help get our candidates elected. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out how you can stay involved.  In 2021 we will have local elections for county and municipal offices. Please consider running for office. 

You can find the vote counts on the Monroe County Election site or on the Pennsylvania Department of State Election Website.


Official Statement from the MCD

We, the members and officers of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, are committed to fighting against racial injustice.
We, and the candidates we support, will work tirelessly every day to ensure our country lives up to the ideals and founding principles set forth in the United States Constitution.
The members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee are heartbroken by the loss of George Floyd’s life and the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless unnamed others. We hope you will join us in taking direct action to root out the poison of systemic racism, because so long as Black men, women and children “can’t breathe”, we cannot rest. Complicity costs lives, and it will take all of us working together to fix this.   

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