Join us at our next MCD meeting Thursday May 16, 7 – 9 pm at our office at 18 S. 9th Street in Stroudsburg. This is your last chance to hear from our candidates on the ballot in the upcoming May Primary.
Here it is !!! 
April 22, is the last day to REGISTER TO VOTE in the Primary Election. The Municipal Primary Election is May 21st. Make sure you are ready to vote.

Keep the Blue Wave Rolling!

If you live here in Monroe County such as on the ESU campus you must be registered in Monroe County to vote at a Monroe County polling place.  If you are registered to vote in a different Pennsylvania County or another state you must obtain an absentee ballot and vote by mail there.  

You can change your registration online HERE. April 22nd is the last day to register or change your voter registration to vote in the May Primary Election.

If your are not sure where you are registered you can check your registration status HERE.
President Barack Obama and Michelle ObamaFor the 11th year in a row, President Barack Obama is the most admired man in the world in the Gallup poll, and this year joined by Michelle Obama as most admired woman. Read the story here.
Please consider donating to the MCD this year. We rely on our local donors to support our candidates and pay the bills.
It's safe and easy right here!
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